The regular membership of the Snake River Bassmasters, Inc., was called to order by vice president Tom Horrace at 3:20 P.M. at JD's Cafe` in Emmett.  There were 9 club members present.


Meeting minutes from the November meeting were reviewed and approved.



§         November Treasury Report was approved.




COMMITTEE REPORTS:       Vice president Horrace asked for committee reports:





§         SRB needs a conservation director is anyone wants to volunteer.

§         Let Us Recreate -Lake Lowell stickers are available for $8.00 each; proceeds go towards helping the fight to keep bass fishing at Lake Lowell.  SRB had 10 of these; one has sold, nine left


IDAHO BASS FEDERATION: Steve Day gave the following Federation report:

§         Idaho Sportsman Show-looking at only doing casting events on Saturday and Sunday to maximize our help, but man the booth all four days.  Clubs will split up running the casting sessions. Looking at setting up a fake pond with fish to cast to and no sign-up for the kids. We need to build a platform for the kids to stand on and cast from.  We are looking at doing a couple kid's fishing classes on Saturday and Sunday instead of adult fishing seminars; possibly some of the FFF classes.

§         eye on them.  USFW is now starting the same CCP process on Walcott; again people need to make sure and attend their meetings and give USFW lots of feedback on when we want them to do.

§         TBF is working on a national bill to protect fishing access across the country.

§         A motion was made and passed to spend time and money updating the TIBF release boat before next year's divisional qualifier instead of doing another Cascade structure plant.  Needs old decals removed, rails repaired, deck repaired, console repaired, new carpet or surface installed, new decals installed.  Probably decals: TBF logo, The Idaho Bass Federation Conservation Boat, sponsor logo for ant sponsor donating money or material for repairing the boat.

§         2012 Northwest Divisional planning-Mountain Home is location for 2012 NW Divisional tournament on May 6-11, 2012.  This date is confirmed. Tournament launch from the Air Base Ramp.   Bruce reports that Mtn. Home is starting to back down on promises of supplying welcome picnic and banquet. He is not going to sign any contracts with them until these items are taken care of.  If they back out of their promises, there is still the option to go to Lake Lowell.

§         2012 TIBF Banquet Planning-Feb. 18, same time, location, menu and price.  Steve D is going to order banquet tickets so that we can start selling them by the next Federation meeting.  Major raffle prize is going to be a HumminBird 998SI; list price $1995.  We also have MinnKota 80# Maxum and 80# Fortrex trolling motors to raffle off.  We have a HumminBird 798SI also, but have a cash offer for $770 so we are selling it outright.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Tournament director Steve Day reported:

§         Ted Marshall from Burns Ford donated $500 for 2012 tournament plaques.  Jeremy Onthank and Bargain Bass Parts donated $150 for tournament permits.  These donations will allow SRB to run the 2012 tournaments very cheaply.  Thank these sponsors and take your truck or boat part business to them.

YOUTH: Youth Director Jason Bousquet reported:

§         SRB Youth Open is scheduled for July 7, 2012 on Cascade Reservoir; possibility of Lady Bass Open of club fun tournament on Sunday July 8

§         Discussed various options for a youth fishing option.  Without a viable number of kids wanting to fish a youth program, it is hard to set something up.  We will continue with the current plan for now.  Kids can fish as a full team member; kids can fish with a team as a third member, with the team limit still being 5 fish.


CLASSIC / HAN: Directors Steve Day reported:

§         HSN tournament scheduled for August 4, 2012 on C.J. Strike; looking at Air Force Ramp.  The move in location will hopefully results in more boats signing up to fish.



§         Love, Inc has found us a needy family; a single mom with two teenagers.

§         Everyone needs to remember to bring a can of food or a dollar to each meeting for the Needy Family program. Tom will collect the money / food.

§         We need to decide whether or not to hold a Lady Bass Open on Cascade the day after the Youth Open.



§         Still waiting to see what happens at Lake Lowell to determine whether we continue the trash pickups.

§         Discussions for 2012 tournaments:

            - Stay with the team format.

            - Discussion on lowering the $73 dues by dropping the $15 for the club.  Steve pointed out that we need some income for the club for the banquet and other costs.  We also need to keep a cushion in case of emergency expenditure (like a new weight scale in case existing one breaks).  Dues will stay at $73.

            - Entry & Options: $20 per team entry, $10 Big Fish,  $10, $20 and $40 weight options for a total of $100 per team for everything.  Payout $15 of the $20 entry fee and retain $5 for yearend awards and Snow Bowl entry.

            - Give out tournament plaques to 3 places, pay out options and entry for 1 place per 5 boats.



§         Discussion on holding a championship or fun tournament on Dworkshak Reservoir.  It is a long drive, but numerous people are in support of the idea.

§         Discussion on putting the upper current area of Oxbow and Hells Canyon off-limits, reasons being that it gives the first boats there an unfair advantage. it will force people to fish new areas of the reservoirs and that it will spread boats out more.  Discussion was put on hold until 2012 tournament schedule is out.

§         Discussion on fishing later into the year; some club members would like to see tournaments or the championship tournament in the first part of October.  If major hunting seasons can be avoided this is a possibility.


There being no more business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.  The next meeting would be on Jan. 2 and be back at the Visitor's Center at Lake Lowell. 


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