The regular membership of the Snake River Bassmasters, Inc., was called to order by President Kriner at 7:10 P.M. at The Deer Flat Refuge Visitor's Center.  There were 10 club members  present; thanks to the people that braved the thunderstorm to attend the meeting.



§         No printed May meeting minutes.



§         No printed May Treasury Report.




COMMITTEE REPORTS:       President Kriner asked for committee reports:





§         SRB needs a conservation director if anyone wants to volunteer.

§         Let Us Recreate -Lake Lowell stickers are available for $8.00 each; proceeds go towards helping the fight to keep bass fishing at Lake Lowell.  SRB had 10 of these; one has sold, nine left.

§         We need to schedule trash pickups at Lake Lowell around the other trash pickups so that we don't double up.  Other groups pickup in April and September.

§         The Lake Lowell plan is coming out in June July; refuge wants to know if we want to set up a meeting to discuss the plan.  We may want to have the Federation set up a meeting for all members and then go to that meeting.


IDAHO BASS FEDERATION: Tom Horrace gave the following Federation report:

§         Refuge want the Federation to do another kid's casting event at their Bio-blitz Days on Free Fishing Weekend.   Steve Day is setting it up and needs volunteers.  The event is from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

§         The 2012 Northwest Divisional was on C.J. Strike on May 6-11, 2012.  Jason Hickey and Keegan Graves are Idaho's Reps going to Nationals.  Idaho totally dominated the other states and won the Division Championship easily.

§         Current Federation officers are done after this year, so new people need to step up for 2013.

§         Jr World Championship is Aug 15; Jon Hickey is representing the older group.  A drawing was done to find a rep for the younger age group; Carson Miller was the winner.

§         A discussion was held on State Team participation in youth, Federation and conservation events.  Most of the State Team members don't want to help run the Jack & Jill tournament even if they get money.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Tournament director Jim Thornock reported:

§         Cascade payout done.

§         Sign up for Brownlee tournament was done. Anglers need to remember that Spring Ramp has a fee to park.

§         The conflict with our July 21 tournament on Strike with the carp shoot has been resolved. We go out of Black Sands, they go out of Air Force. 

§         Reminder for all club members fishing tournaments:  first three boats out in each tournament are release boats.  Boat 4 needs to be ready to step in if we need an additional release boat.


YOUTH: Youth Director Jason Bousquet reported:

§         SRB Youth Open is scheduled for July 7, 2012 on Cascade Reservoir.  Entry forms are on the club website.

§         The park at City Ramp is reserved.

§         Buffalo Wild Wings to going to do something for the youth open; possible catering or ?.

§         Our donation request from Cabela's is approved; Tackle Tom will donate again this year.  Good Woods and Roaring Springs are donating items.  Jason also requests that club members donate unused tackle for the youth tournament.

§         Club members are encouraged to donate unused plastic baits to the Youth Open.


CLASSIC / HAN: Directors Steve Day reported:

§         HSN tournament scheduled for August 4, 2012 on C.J. Strike; looking at Air Force Ramp.  The permits are applied for.

§         The entry form is done and needs to be printed.



§         Everyone needs to remember to bring a can of food or a dollar to each meeting for the Needy Family program. Tom will collect the money / food.

§         Lady Bass Open on Cascade on July 8; will be a potluck BBQ, but no raffle. Entry forms are on the club website



§         A motion was made and approved to move our club meetings to the IHOP Restaurant at 1420 Nampa-Caldwell Blvd. across from Karcher Mall.  This will take effect starting with the July 2 meeting.

§         Jay accidently put his $15 change from buying raffles tickets in the raffle money last month; the raffle money was spent before we caught it.  Jay will get $5 of free raffle tickets each of the next three meetings.

§         Still waiting to see what happens at Lake Lowell to determine whether we continue the trash pickups.



§         A group is borrowing the SRB release tank for a Veteran's Fishing Derby near Middleton on June 12.  SRB members are invited to show up to check it out or eat at the BBQ.  Talk to Jimmy Thornock for details.

§         Former SRB club member Dale Carver is terminally ill with bone cancer and is at St Lukes.


There being no more business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.  The next meeting would be on July 2 at the IHOP Restaurant at 1420 Nampa-Caldwell BLVD. 

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