The regular membership of the Snake River Bassmasters, Inc., was called to order by president Tom Horrace at 7:30 P.M. at Deer Flat Visitor's Center.  There were 9 club and family members present.


Meeting minutes from the April meeting were reviewed and approved.



April Treasury Report was reviewed and approved.



J    No guests.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:       President Horrace asked for committee reports:




CONSERVATION / WILDLIFE COUNCIL: Conservation Officer Jason Bousquet reported:

J    The spring trash pickup at Lake Lowell was completed; there wasn't very much trash.  The potluck BBQ was held at the Deer Flat Visitor's Center due to nasty weather.

J    We will be planting the Federation structures in Cascade Reservoir on Sunday May 15; this is the day after our Cascade tournament.


IDAHO BASS FEDERATION: Roger Sheltrown gave the following Federation report:

J    The 2011 Youth Championships will be on Cascade Reservoir on May 21.

J    The High School Championship on C.J. Strike on May 1 had 4 boats.

J    Idaho is hosting the TBF Regional Championship in 2012; it will be held on C.J. Strike.

J    The Federation Banquet date is officially changed from November to February 18, 2012.

J    Idaho placed 2nd at the Divisional qualifier on Hood River; they would have placed 1st by a wide margin, but two anglers weights were not allowed due to boat problems.

J    TIBF is looking at buying a couple sail-style banners for sports shows and other events.

J    Cabela's wants the Federation to do seminars, etc. at a Father's Day event.

J    TIBF now has a Facebook page.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Tournament director Steve Day reported:

J    Lakeside Bass has the July 9 permit on Cascade; IDFG issued us a second permit for our Youth Open.

J    There has been a fair amount of support for a Lady Bass tournament on the Sunday after the Youth Open, so we will do one.  The permit is good for both days.

J    Sign-up for the Cascade tournament

YOUTH: Youth Director Cody Murray reported:

J    Cody is working on getting sponsors lined up for the Youth Open.  WA Trust is donating $50 towards food, plus letting us use the big BBQ again.  Cody's business is donating $150.  Elken Lures is donating tackle packs again.

J    Jason has applied with Cabela's for donations for the youth open tournament.


CLASSIC / HAN: Directors Steve Day and Bill Kriner  reported:

J    The  2011 Hot Summer Night tournament is scheduled for the full moon on Saturday Aug. 13.

J    We have the ODFW permit and need only one more signature on the Marine Event permit.  Steve still needs to go talk to Oregon Parks & Rec about the Misc. Use Permit.

J    Jason bought $207 worth of BSU items to be autographed by BSU players.  The items will be raffled off at tournaments or maybe sold on e-bay to raise money for youth and Lady Bass projects.  



J    Everyone needs to remember to bring a can of food or a dollar to each meeting for the Needy Family program. Tom will collect the money / food.



J    None



J    Everyone liked the Deer Flat Refuge Visitors center as a meeting location, so we will continue to meet there.


There being no more new business, President Horrace reminded all that the next meeting would be June 6  at the  Refuge Visitor's Center at Lake Lowell.  The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.







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