The regular membership of the Snake River Bassmasters, Inc., was called to order by President Kriner at 7:05 P.M. at The Deer Flat Refuge Visitor's Center.  There were 10 club members and one guest present.



§         The April meeting minutes were approved.



§         Steve reported that some dues money still needed to be deposited; the April Treasury Report was approved.




COMMITTEE REPORTS:       President Kriner asked for committee reports:





§         SRB needs a conservation director if anyone wants to volunteer.

§         Let Us Recreate -Lake Lowell stickers are available for $8.00 each; proceeds go towards helping the fight to keep bass fishing at Lake Lowell.  SRB had 10 of these; one has sold, nine left.

§         We need to schedule trash pickups at Lake Lowell around the other trash pickups so that we don't double up.  Other groups pickup in April and September.

§         The Lake Lowell plan is coming out in June; refuge wants to know if we want to set up a meeting to discuss the plan.  We may want to have the Federation set up a meeting for all members and then go to that meeting.


IDAHO BASS FEDERATION: Tom Horrace gave the following Federation report:

§         Refuge want the Federation to do another kid's casting event at their Bio-blitz Days on Free Fishing Weekend.   Steve Day is setting it up and needs volunteers.  The event is from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

§         The 2012 Northwest Divisional is on C.J. Strike on May 6-11, 2012.  Idaho HS Champions and a Soldier Appreciation tournament will be held on Strike on May 12.  Anyone that can show up at Strike to help with the tournament would be appreciated.

§         The 2012 High School Championship is May 12 on C.J. Strike; need to get kids signed up.

§         Current Federation officers are done after this year, so new people need to step up for 2013.

§         Jr World Championship is Aug 15; Jon Hickey is representing the older group.  A drawing was done to find a rep for the younger age group; Carson Miller was the winner.

§         A discussion was held on State Team participation in youth, Federation and conservation events.

§         Bruce reviewed his Federation President's meeting notes.  


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Tournament director Jim Thornock reported:

§         Sign up for Cascade tournament was done; 13 boats so far.  Members planning on fishing club tournaments need to get their proof of boat insurance papers in to Jimmy before the tournament.

§         There is a date conflict with our July 21 tournament; the South Qualifier was moved to Lake Lowell on that date.  The carp shoot is on Strike the same day.  Jimmy is leaving the tournament on Strike on July 21.

§         Reminder for all club members fishing tournaments:  first three boats out in each tournament are release boats.  Boat 4 needs to be ready to step in if we need an additional release boat.


YOUTH: Youth Director Jason Bousquet reported:

§         SRB Youth Open is scheduled for July 7, 2012 on Cascade Reservoir; possibility of Lady Bass Open tournament on Sunday July 8.  Entry forms are on the club website.

§         The park at City Ramp is reserved.

§         Buffalo Wild Wings to going to do something for the youth open; possible catering or ?.

§         Our donation request from Cabela's is approved; Tackle Tom will donate again this year.  Good Woods and Roaring Springs are donating items.  Jason also requests that club members donate unused tackle for the youth tournament.


CLASSIC / HAN: Directors Steve Day reported:

§         HSN tournament scheduled for August 4, 2012 on C.J. Strike; looking at Air Force Ramp.  The permits are applied for.

§         The entry form will done by mid-May.



§         Everyone needs to remember to bring a can of food or a dollar to each meeting for the Needy Family program. Tom will collect the money / food.

§         Lady Bass Open on Cascade on July 8; will be a potluck BBQ, but no raffle. Entry forms are on the club website



§         Members that have not yet paid their dues need to do so ASAP.

§         Still waiting to see what happens at Lake Lowell to determine whether we continue the trash pickups.



§         Bill brought up that IHOP on Nampa Blvd has a meeting room and can schedule us in on the first Monday of each month will no room charge. Club members need to check out IHOP and decide is they want to move  the club meetings there.  We will vote on it in the June meeting and if passed we will move to IHOP for the July meeting.

§         Jay accidently put his $15 change from buying raffles tickets in the raffle money last month; the raffle money was spent before we caught it.  Jay will get $5 of free raffle tickets each of the next three meetings.


There being no more business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.  The next meeting would be on June 4 at the Visitor's Center at Lake Lowell. 

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