The regular membership of the Snake River Bassmasters, Inc., was called to order by President Horrace at 7:05 P.M. at the Nampa IHOP Restaurant.  There were 16 club members  and guests present.


GUESTS:  new member (former member) Zeb Jerman and his wife



§         April meeting minutes approved



§         April Treasury Report approved.




COMMITTEE REPORTS:       President Horrace asked for committee reports:





§         SRB needs a conservation director if anyone wants to volunteer.

§         The Lake Lowell plan is coming out in June July August September, October, November, December, January, February on MARCH 15, 2013; the Federation is working on a counter-proposal to the latest version on the CCP.  Anyone wishing to comment on the his needs to go to the Deer Flat Refuge website and make online comment by May 15.


IDAHO BASS FEDERATION: Bill Kriner gave the following Federation report:

§         Federation Conservation Director quit, need a volunteer to fill position.

§         Youth Championship Tournament-Scheduled for August 3-4, 2013, on Cascade Reservoir.

§         First South Qualifier on C.J. Strike done; Tony Shuyler won it.

§         The Federation is looking into making motor bands since we are having problems buying them.

§         Need volunteers to help with the Bio Blitz Kid's Day at Lake Lowell  on Free Fishing Day on June 8.  Steve Day will have the tarp fishing pond setup at the Visitor's Center and need some help with the kids.

§         Don Boeger died last week; a motion was made and passed to donate up to $100 towards the catering at his service.

§         2014 Banquet  planning.  New location is being researched and once identified, will be booked promptly.  A larger venue is needed. 


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Tournament director Jay Bagley reported:

§         Brownlee payout done

§         We will  be sharing a permit with the Clearwater Bass Club on Dworshak.  Looking at a couple possible side option pots between the two clubs. No off-limits for this tournament.  Looking at camping at the State Park on Freeman Creek.

§         Jay wants everyone in the water early so that we can blast-off at safe light on Owyhee.

§         Draw for Owyhee tournament done; no meeting before Dworshak tournament, so that draw will be done after we get a final count of who is going to Dworshak.


YOUTH: Youth Director Jason Bousquet reported:

§         For 2013 the Youth Open is on Cascade on June 22 on Van Wyck /  City Ramp.

§         We need donations for the youth/Lady Bass raffle.  If you have something to donate or know someone interested in donating, contact Jason or Kira.

§         Cabela's is helping and BWW is providing food for both Youth and Lady Bass BBQs.  The are also matching raffle money again, plus kicking back 15% on the food/drink tickets for people attending the award ceremony, scheduled for July 12 at the Nampa BWW.


CLASSIC / HAN: Directors Steve Day reported:

§         Scheduled HSN July 20 on Owyhee Reservoir.  To avoid the Park permit issues, we will limit it to 24 boats. Entry form should be out by mid-May.

§         Looking at using the SRB release tank to hold fish at HSN.



§         Lady Bass Open will be the Sunday after the Kid's Open on Cascade.

§         Everyone needs to remember to bring a can of food or a dollar to each meeting for the Needy Family program. Tom will collect the money / food.



§         Still waiting to see what happens at Lake Lowell to determine whether we continue the trash pickups.




There being no more business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.  The next meeting would be on June 3 at the IHOP Restaurant in Nampa. 

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