SRB V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System Deal

V-t2 Livewell System

Jeremy Onthank contacted the New Pro Products company and set up a 25% off deal for SRB members. It is only good until March 15, so don't delay ordering. We may set up an install party later this spring for those that buy a system. Pass the word among club members so that they can take advantage of this deal.

The deal is set up to use the New Pro Products shopping cart, so to order go to their website, order the product, put in the discount code and complete the purchase.

Our webpage is:

The discount code is: SRB You will need to put the code in and click to apply.

V-T2 Image

They have several videos about the V-T2 system on their website. The ventilation system is designed to add oxygen and cool livewell water, improving fish health, especially during hot weather.